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Let us help plan your trip to the bourbon trail

What's included?

  • Distillery recommendations

  • Dinner Reservations

  • Tastings and Tours

  • Transportation

  • Map your trip

Planning your bourbon trip can be hard. We'll help with as much as you'd like. We can make general recommendations all the way to making reservations for you. We'll also find the best discount offers that you qualify for.

call us at 502-212-6212



With an extensive knowledge of the area and bourbon he can help give insight on the unique experiences at the bourbon distilleries and might even have some last minute reservations you can have.



She knows how to plan a Ky bourbon trip for non-bourbon drinkers. If you're looking for exclusive experiences and dining recommendations shes the person to talk with. 


Customer Service

She knows what experiences past guest have enjoyed the most. Ask for recommendations or even where the best cocktails in bourbon country can be found.

Are you a do it yourself planner?

Check out our bourbon blog to learn more about the Kentucky distilleries, restaurants, and what tastings and tours on the bourbon distilleries have that you'd be interested in.

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